Segmenting Gifts To Bring A Higher Level Of Personalization


Audience segmentation can strategically improve connections with your gift recipients. This type of segmentation is not based on demographics or firmographics, rather it is buckets of individuals that have similar life events, interests, hobbies, and personal information. It provides the ability to target certain markets of people making the process highly customizable. This means going beyond the realm of traditional gifting, and maximizing gifting potential through deeply personalized gifts. When recipients are segmented, you can better understand their life story and bring light to different aspects of their life that are worth celebrating. Bring a whole new meaning to celebrating life events, interests and hobbies with personalized gifts. Segmenting your audience can help improve relationships with each gift recipient. 

Forming strong relationships between you and your gift recipients is crucial to keeping the business moving forward. When you develop a gift that sends meaningful messages, it helps reestablish the strong empathetic connection. For example, if your company wants to show how much they value the people that make an impact on the organization each and every day, tell them “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts” with a personalized gift. The Society of Human Resource Management found that 60% of organizations say they help employees celebrate life events. This bolsters the ties and keeps the staff motivated to work hard. Segmenting your audience to give meaningful gifts can lead to better relationships, stronger network connections and provide recipients with the feeling of being valued. 

Gifting is universal but gifts are not. The 19th century ignited gift giving to what it is today. Technology advances allowed for hyper-personalization and an increase in quality of material, making gifting appealing for everyone. The volume at which custom gifts can be created has impacted the segmentation capabilities greatly. Every person is different, and their interests and past vary making gifting a highly customizable occasion. Establish a foundation to connect with your recipients on a deeper level with personalized gifts that are meaningful to the recipient. There are many great ways to segment your gift recipients, however, segmenting based on life events, interests, and hobbies will allow you to connect with your recipients the right way. 

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Get To Know Your Audience

Each person that is associated with your company should have a custom profile in your company CRM. Creating the personal profiles will be the beginning of the segmentation process. Take gifting to new heights by customizing each gift based on the CRM profiles. To help fill these profiles with valuable information, ask a series of questions that can be gathered about each person. Here are some must have details about each person that will bring great meaning to the gift:

  • Birthday
  • Alma Mater and Graduation Year
  • Customer Anniversary/Employee Anniversary Date
  • Family background
  • Veteran Status
  • Interests, Likes, Hobbies
  • Favorites (food, destinations, Pro sports, holidays etc.)

These questions just scratch the surface of deeply understanding each person. Include questions that you feel are necessary to truly get to know someone in your organization. In order for segmentation to be successful, it will take a team to gather the crucial information to make the gifting occasion amazing. Rely on the sales team to take notes during their conversations. Also, human resources will be a great asset to find this information.

With this data, comes great responsibility to act upon it. Once all sponsors, donors, employees, and other key prospects are entered into the CRM, begin to filter through the information to see how gifting can enhance the celebration or occasion. For example, your contact, Amy Smith, enjoys MLB baseball and hiking outdoors. Gift with intent by sending her an Opening Day gift that contains a personalized self-cleaning water bottle and a custom Bluetooth speaker so she can always have the game with her. These items will be used not only because they are personalized, but because her interests were taken into account. There are many other ways to incorporate gifting to celebrate your recipient.

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Honor Their Past

Every person has a past that has written the story of their life. Their story contains a lot of life events that are worth celebrating. Maybe they are a cancer survivor, a veteran, or a volunteer with an organization. Honoring past events that people have in their life can bring a great meaning to a gift. This year, incorporate gifting that reflects the past of the recipient. Use this gift to surprise and delight your recipients. Honoring what people went through in life makes them feel recognized and appreciated. They are able to form a deeper connection with your organization if they feel honored. For example, order your custom gifts for Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and Father’s Day to give your recipients a sense of belonging with your company. Taking their past into consideration creates the ability to form a deep and personal connection with your recipients.

In order to accomplish this great act of gifting, the organization needs to dig through the past of others. In today’s world, this is easier with the gift of the internet. Research the person through social media channels, organizations and other internet resources to try and put their story together. While doing this, ask questions to the person directly when engaging in conversation to learn more about them. Actively listen and take mental notes of what they are saying or what makes them happy. Showing this attention and interest to someone will truly allow them to open up. Make the gift more personal by asking friends and family to get involved in helping you celebrate. They can help give a direction of what the person likes and their background

Current Matters

In the realm of gifting, there is always a reason to celebrate. Life events are happening all around us. Celebrating the monumental moments that are happening in people’s lives everyday is a crucial step in meeting your gift recipients at the human. Someone is getting married, having a baby, just bought a new house, sending a kid to college, or retiring. Events similar to these need to be recognized from all ends whether the person is an employee, sponsor, donor or prospect. The best way to help strengthen relations with gift recipients is to show interest in their personal and professional life. To help celebrate an employee welcoming a new member to their family, send a personalized gift including a personalized tote to carry the baby necessities around and a tumbler with their initials to keep their drinks always warm or cold. Establishing a hyper-personalization strategy across all verticals will require a team to keep track of your segments and keep an eye out for personal updates. These can be found on social media, from word of mouth, and personal resources. Utilize family and friends of individuals to nail down the details if their CRM information is vague. Celebrating life events will show your organization truly cares about the people you deal with every day.  

Typically, there are many members in an organization, so it is important to have a team take time to get to know each person as best they can. Ask questions about their life, interests and hobbies and keep track of this information. Pay attention to small details to really fine tune the gifts. Large milestones like these should not go unrecognized by your organization because is a pinnacle opportunity to make an impact on the recipients’ life. 

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Take Advantage of National Days

It has never been easier to be creative with gifting occasions. There is a National Day Calendar where people and segments of people are celebrated. Some of the days include National Health Care Day, National Football Day, National Administrative Day, and National Management Day. Most people will not know these holidays exist, that is what makes the gifting unique. Gifting for such occasions will bring the element of surprise and appreciation. The recipient will feel appreciated and will be surprised to receive a gift on a day that is relevant to them. 

Segmenting your gifting audience is easy when celebrating National Holidays. For example, for National Football Day, send a gift to those that make a difference in your organization such as key employees, sponsors, and coaches. Honor them for their dedication and hard work for the organization. They will appreciate the thought and gesture of the gift and feel valued. Celebrating these national holidays reinforces connections among everyone in the organization. When people feel honored, they will usually perform better for the organization. 

Planning for these gifts should take place at the beginning of each fiscal year. Define each specific audience from the start and order the gifts well in advance so they can be shipped when needed. This will help when it comes to ordering and reserving gifts. When you are reserving gifts, choose the right vendor that will safely store your items until you are ready for them to be shipped directly to the gift recipient. This untraditional gifting approach is seamlessly easy with the right gifting vendor

Leaders and executives need to understand the applications of segmented gifting in terms of the strategic impact it has on recipients. Take time out of the hectic day to recognize the great life events that are happening to others all around you. There are many ways to go above and beyond to make someone feel special with your gift. The efforts from your company will keep your brand relevant and humanized as people see the consideration that comes with the gifts. It is best to have a team take action in discovering the information about the target gift segments and implementing strategic gifting all year round. Work with a vendor that will allow you to reserve gifts ahead of time, so they are ready when they are needed. 


Want to see how segmenting your gifting audience can make a difference in strategic gifting? BirdieBox wants to help create a meaningful gifting experience for your recipients.

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